Any tea can be made hot or iced (tea menu below). For lattes, choose from whole, skim, almond or soy milk.

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Bulk Tea

All of our teas are also available to purchase by the ounce to brew at home.

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English Breakfast
A blend of long-leaf Ceylon and Assam teas- a nice daily cup that stands well on its own or with milk and sugar.

Assam (Irish Breakfast)
A robust and malty Irish Breakfast. Well-ground leaves add to the strength of the cup. Add a little milk and honey and you’re in for a real treat.

Lapsang Souchong (Hu-Kwa)
A uniquely crafted black tea from Formosa, offered by the Mark T. Wendell Tea Co, for over a century, Hu-Kwa gains its distinctive flavor and smoky tang from the burning pine wood over which it is fired during the final drying process.

Single Estate Ceylon
Long, wiry leaf tea from the famous Kenilworth Estate. Delicious classic Ceylon with a soft and sweet aroma.

Yunnan Hong Cha
The Yunnan province in China has been producing tea for nearly two millennia. This tea infuses to an amber color with a smooth, earthy flavor. We love this one.

High Mountain Nilgiri
A full-bodied brew from the small Korahkundah tea estate in the mountains of southwest India.

Darjeeling FTGFOP, from the Makaibari Estate, which has been strictly organic since 1992. Considered a “lighter” black tea with subtle spicy and flowery notes.

First Flush Darjeeling
First darjeeling pluckings of the year are amazingly floral and brightwith a peppery background that is unique to the region’s terroir. An excellent example of what makes tea from Darjeeling special.

Pu-erh Bird's Nest
Pu-erh has been common in the China-Tibet border region since the Tang dynasty (618–907). It is prized for its distinctive earthy flavor and is often pressed into small bowls resembling bird nests.

Pu-erh Bold Leaf
Organically grown in China's Yunnan Province, dark and rich in appearance, this Pu-erh has a smooth, deeply fermented flavor.

Pu-erh Small Leaf
Smaller leaves yield a dark auburn cup with a stronger, earthy, somewhat sweet flavor.


​Créme de la Earl Grey
Townshend's top selling tea: Medium-strength Earl Grey in traditional English style, blended with blue mallow blossoms and an essence of French creme.

Earl Grey
The very best classic Earl Grey we’ve come upon. The perfect level of bergamot oil added to a very fine Chinese orange pekoe. A daily drink.

Lady Londonderry
Rumor has it this was Princess Diana’s favorite tea. Flavorful smooth black tea with a hint of strawberry and lemon. Medium strength.

Chocolate Mint
The ultimate dessert tea- a custom blend of black tea, fresh cut peppermint leaves and delicate cacao pieces. A decadent treat every time you turn the kettle on!

Passion Peach
Peach, passion fruit nectar and mangos with citrus aromatics. Great as an iced tea or served hot with dessert.

Pear & Pomegranate
A strong China black tea with natural fruit flavors and scents. The pomegranate delivers a tart but fresh taste while the pear contributes a sweet, light flavor.

Lychee Black
A subtle black tea scented with juices of the sweet, tart lychee fruit. If you don’t know lychee, some say its flavor is reminiscent of grapefruit.

Vanilla, Peach, Apricot
A melange of some of our favorite flavors. The effect is smooth and sweet, while delivering a strong brew.

Excellent blend of quality pekoe leaves and apricot flavor.

Mt. Hood Vanilla
A crisp black tea from Sri Lanka with the added flavor of smooth vanilla bean.

Raspberry Black
A raspberry flavored black tea that has bright, tart berry flavor. Makes a great hot tea, dessert tea, or iced tea.

Rose Petal
Keemun black tea scented with rose petals and lychee creating a naturally sweet and floral taste.

A fruity blend of China Congou black tea, blackberry pieces, colorful blackberry leaves and natural essence of pure blackberries.

Seattle Market Spice
Originally concocted at Pike Place Market in Seattle. The tea leaves are infused with a cinnamon-orange oil and bits of dried orange peel are added.

Apricot OP tea, currants, mango, rose hips, orange peel, cinnamon, and apricot. Great iced or hot.

Mango Black
A fruity blend of China Congou black tea, mango pieces, marigold petals and natural essence of pure mangoes.

Ginger Peach
A black tea with bits of ginger and dried peach. Ginger is known for its ability to ward off cold symptoms, improve circulation and ease the stomach.


Strawberry Sencha
Rich Sencha leaf flavored with bits of strawberry. A delicious way to introduce yourself to green tea.

Moroccan Mint
Gunpowder green tea blended with a generous amount of Moroccan spearmint.

Silver Tip Jasmine ​
Delicate green tea with a natural sweetness that is enhanced by the subtle aroma of exotic Jasmine flowers. Seriously delicious hot or iced.

Dragon Pearl Jasmine ​
An extraordinary jasmine tea. Youngest leaf tips are scented with aromatic jasmine flowers and rolled tightly into pearls that unfurl when infused.

From China, also known as Lung Ching. One of the most popular grades of tea on a global scale. Excellent aroma with a light body.

Cinnamon Orange Sencha
Strong sencha green tea blended with dried bits of orange and a generous amount of sweet cinnamon.

Classic rolled small-leaf green tea from China. A great everyday tea providing vitamins and anti oxidants. This tea has a smooth, mildly smoky flavor without the grassy tones of other green tea.

Soaring Crane ​
Farm-direct organic green tea grown high in the mountains of southern China. Smooth and satisfying, and carries a hint of nuttiness typically found only in high-grade sencha.

Genmai Cha
Japanese blend of sencha and toasted brown rice often served in Sushi joints. Genmai Cha is one of the more ancient blends of flavored tea, and provides a pleasing nutty finish.

This bright-green drink has a sweet-vegetal flavor and contains a high concentration of vitamins and caffeine.

Japanese Sencha
A delightful bright-green tea that brews up sweet and grassy. Sencha is shaded at the end of its growing period, causing the leaf to grow slowly, concentrating flavors and promoting the production of chlorophyll and antioxidants.

Pear Green Tea
This blend is a splendid combination of rolled green tea leaves and natural pear flavor.

Mint Leaf Jasmine
High-grade China green tea mixed with jasmine flowers and dried mint eaf. The combination creates a full flavor that is slightly sweet.

Mandarin Green
This Sencha green tea brews a cup with subtle, sweet, ctirus notes.

Japanese green tea roasted over charcoal. The roasting process replaces the common vegetal taste of green tea with a toasty flavor and a hint of caramel.


Formosa Oolong
This type of semi-oxidized tea from Formosa is known for its unique appearance and taste. Produced from carefully selected leaves, The dark brown and noticeably twisted leaves produce a vibrant amber cup of tea.

Ti Kuan Yin ​
AKA Iron Godess of Mercy- this traditional Chinese Oolong tea is cultivated south of the Min River in China’s Fujian Province. Not as highly oxidized as our Formosa Oolong, the large curled leaves appear almost reddy brown with a dark green tinge when they unfurl in the cup. Ti Kuan Yin produces a golden, honey colored cup with a sweet, floral aroma and an orchid-like, delicate flavor.

Coconut Oolong
Delicious. High-grade Bao Zhong blended with lightly toasted coconut shavings creates a wonderfully exotic palate-pleaser.


White Peony
AKA Pai Mu Tan. Extraordinarily fresh tasting with a delicate sweet,and refreshing appeal. Loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants.

Rose Peony ​
White Peony blended with organic rose buds and essential rose oil. A fragrant and light-bodied tea with a very mild caffeine level.

​Citrus Blossom White ​
A unique twist on a classic white tea, our blenders have taken the finest Mutan White tea leaves from China and combined them with corn flowers, rose petals, marigold petals, orange pieces and essence of natural oranges. Our Citrus Blossom White is a perfect way to enjoy all the healthy goodness of white teas.


Masala Chai
A classic recipe consisting of black tea, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. A little spicy, a little sweet.

Kashmiri Chai ​
A traditional recipe from northern India, black tea flavored with cardamom, peppermint, nutmeg, cinnamon and tellicherry peppers.

Bond Street Chai ​
A caffeine-free blend of rooibos, vanilla bean, clove, cardamom, peppercorn, cacao nibs and roasted Central American ramon nut. Smooth cocoalike flavor with a subtle spiciness.

Dark Forest Chai
Dark Forest is made up of honeybush, cacao, carob, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, red clover, rosemary and roasted chicory.

Alberta Street Chai
This Chai blends smoky Lapsang Souchong black tea with both unroasted and roasted máte, vanilla bean, rooibos, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. The Lapsang imparts an almost caramel-like flavor.

Ginger Green Chai
A zesty blend of American-grown ginseng, ginger, cardamom, pepper and green tea. A natural tonic, low in caffeine, that invigorates the body and mind while reducing stress.

Pumpkin Spice Chai
All the spices in your typical pumpkin pie are called upon here to recreate the same effect in liquid form. Cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, clove, nutmeg and black tea. A full-flavored brew and our most popular chai.

Vanilla Spice Chai
Our Spiced Masala Chai is an uplifting, full-bodied blend of India black tea with masala, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and cardamom. A traditional Indian offering that is often served with plenty of milk to create a delicious, spicy Chai.


Our house blend of hibiscus, honeybush red tea, juniper berries and elderberries. Especially good iced.

BloomingBerry Acai ​
BloomingBerry tea mixed with healthy crushed Acai Berry.

Orange Zephyr ​
A spicy blend of ginger, ginseng, licorice root, hibiscus, rosehips, orange and tangerine. A healthy concoction packed with flavor.

Kir Royale
A warm and sweet mixture of berries and fruits, set apart by the tangy flavor of black currant. The Royale treatment.

Apple Spice
Sure to satisfy the sweet-tooth, yet contains no sugar or other sweeteners. The flavor is all natural, emanating from dried apple pieces, cinnamon, orange peel, cloves, honeybush, chicory, vanilla, nutmeg, and stevia leaf.

Kava Root ​
The root of the Polynesian herb kava is known for its ability to help relieve stress, anxiety, tension and sleeplessness. Don’t be surprised if your tongue goes slightly numb. Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.

Chamomile Classic
A soothing tea from Egypt made from sweet chamomile blossoms. A mild honey-apple aroma gives the flavor of this tea a pleasant accent.

Lavender Sunset
A soothing blend of lavender flowers, wild blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry leaves, rose flowers, orange peels, sunflower blossoms and salvia leaves.

Peppermint ​
Grown in the U.S., it's bright and refreshing with a scent that rings strong and clear.

African Sunset
A unique blend of the finest Rooibos, hibiscus petals, rosehips, apple pieces, cinnamon and almond slices.

Lemon Ginger
A flavorful blend of ginger, lemongrass, lemon peel, licorice and spearmint.

Sundown Blend
Lemon balm, peppermint, blackberry leaves, lemon grass, chamomile, lavender, rose petals, orange & heather blossoms,this cup will help you to achieve your inner calm.


South African Rooibos has an enchanting citrus flavor with a hint of vanilla and is a wonderful alternative to traditional black tea. Low in tannins, it’s also a good source of vitamin C and completely caffeine free.

Honeybush Red Tea
Honeybush is also known as berg tea or mountain tea. So named because the flowers smell of honey. The taste of honeybush tea is similar to that of rooibos but a little sweeter.

Vanilla Rooibos
Organic South Africanrooibos mixed with a generous amount of fresh chopped vanilla bean.

Rooibos Cinnamon Spice
An invigorating combination of rooibos, cinnamon, orange peel and clove give this herbal tea a delicious natural sweetness.


Yerba Mate
The traditional Argentinean drink. The earthy flavor and stimulating properties of this brew can become a healthy addiction. This yerba máte is unsmoked and has a fresher, grassier flavor than many other brands.

Mate Riviera
Yerba máte blended with our After Dark blend. A smooth flavorful tea with hints of fruity and herbal essences.

Roasted Mate
Brews up darker and smoother than standard green yerba máte, and takes on a slightly smoky flavor. Also mixes well with regular máte.

Drink a whole pot of this máte, lapacho and kava root concoction and it may leave you feeling slightly altered.

Peppermint Mate
Green yerba máte blended 50/50 with our peppermint tea. A very popular iced tea, it’s a delicious way to get all the benefits of máte without the earthy flavor.


Cold Kicker
(Echinacea, elderberry, elderflower, peppermint, red clover, rose hips, yarrow) This is a great blend for beating a cold or clearing an infection. Drink the Cold Kicker at the very first signs of a cold coming on. If the cold sets in, continue with these herbs to help pull you through.

Cough Away
(Elecampane, licorice, marshmallow root, rooibos, sage, wild cherry bark) This blend aids in expelling phlegm while soothing the throat and lungs.

Headache Ease
(Willow, skullcap, licorice, rose, elderflower, lavender, lemon balm, lemon verbena, chamomile, peppermint, ginger) This blend is designed to soothe and relieve headaches and migraines.

Tummy Tamer
(Anise, fennel, ginger root, peppermint, skullcap, slippery elm, spearmint) Tummy Tamer is full of herbs to calm a tumultuous belly, heal the tissues of the digestive tract, relieve gas and cramping, and aid digestion.

Healing Tea
(Peppermint, echinacea, lemon balm, willow bark, mullein leaf, catnip, gotu kola, sage, yarrow) Useful for short term pain as well as chronic conditions. It eases muscle cramps and spasms, relieves pain, and aids in the healing of ligaments, bones, and muscles.

(Bee pollen, cacao, chicory, cinnamon, clove, damiana, greenbush, honey flavor, passionflower, rooibos, rose petals, vanilla extract) Love! It’s all you need! This is a mild aphrodisiac with a sweet, flowery flavor combined with cocoa and cloves.

(Tulsi, anise, skullcap, lemon verbena, greenbush, orange peel, vanilla, tropical flavor) Need a little lift? The happiness tea is a soothing and uplifting combination of herbs. It is useful for mild to moderate depression if taken regularly for at least three weeks.

Clear Mind
(Sage, rosemary, peppermint, gotu kola, eleuthero root, gingko) Clear Mind brings calm, clarity, strength, and stamina to the mind. It supports yoga, meditation, and deep intellectual practices.

Dream Time
(Valerian root, mugwort, passionflower, chamomile, lavender, tulsi, lemon verbena) Deeply relaxing and repairing to the nervous system, this blend will help put you right to bed, while the mugwort and passionflower help make vivid, sweet dreams.

Stress Less
(Chamomile, gotu kola, lemon balm, lemon verbena, emongrass, skullcap, tulsi, stevia) Stress Less relaxes and repairs the nerves while bringing calm and clarity to the mind.

Detox (Blood Cleanser)
(Fenugreek, burdock, yellow dock, Oregon grape, dandelion, fennel, marshmallow root, sasparilla, honeybush, apple pieces) This blend rejuvenates the liver, cleans and builds nutrients in the blood, increases energy, and clears the skin.

(Eleuthero, rose hips, cinnamon, tulsi, dandelion, chickweed, orange peel, lemongrass, rooibos) This tea regulates the metabolism, helps reduce food cravings and helps the body use energy more efficiently.

Circulatory Blend
(Cayenne, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, licorice, marshmallow root, rooibos) This fiery tonic warms the center, aids digestion and increases energy. It is useful at the onset of a cold or flu, and to treat stagnant circulatory conditions. Add to Cold Kicker or another tea for extra zing.

Clear Skin (Root Beer)
(Dandelion root, licorice, sasparilla, yellow dock) The Clear Skin “root beer” combines roots that clean and build the blood, support the liver, clear inflammation, and heal skin eruptions. This is a sweet-tasting, holistic approach to dealing with eruptive skin disorders from acne and eczema to psoriasis and mouth ulcers. Drink Clear Skin and Detox regularly for best results.

Athlete's Tonic
(Ashwaganda, burdock, cinnamon, dandelion, eleuthero root, nettles, peppermint, rhodiola, rose hips, greenbush) The Athlete’s Tonic speeds the metabolism, increases endurance and vitality, strengthens muscles, tendons, and ligaments, quickens healing, calms and sharpens the mind, and builds the blood.